Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in my MAC Quad?

For practicality's sake, I decided to put my four favorite shadows in this palette. It was getting to be a hassle to open my 15 pans every morning. It was actually quite hard to pick four shadows to fit in this palettes. I opted for 1 brow shade, 2 eye shades that I could wear on their own, and one that I wanted to use more. I'm not the kind of person to fuss with eye makeup in the morning before work very much. I usually pop on my Two Faced Shadow Insurance (1 tube going on two years!), an eyeshadow, eyeliner (liquid or pencil interchangeably) and my favorite mascara and I'm good to go.

 Top left to bottom right: Sable, Shale, Brun and Patina. 

Again: Sable, Shale, Brun and Patina.

I must admit, Sable hasn't gotten much use in this palettes. I wish it suited me better but I can only make it work with a brown smokey eye - it pulls too orange/red on me on its own. Shale on the other hand, is a staple for me. I wear it all the time with a black liner and mascara. I love this shadow - even if it is purple. Brun is usually used in the crease or to fill in my eyebrows when I want a specifically sleek look. My eyebrows aren't sparse but they do have some patchy areas that look better when filled in. Patina, oh Patina, you are one of my favorite MAC shades. I wear this all the time when I don't have much time to blend. It's quick and simple and looks great with a brown liner to boot. I believe this is my most used eyeshadow. 

That's my current quad. I just purchased All That Glitters and I get the impression that Sable might get switched over to that! What are your most worn MAC shadows? Do you also hate opening your 15 Pro Pan? 

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