Monday, June 6, 2016

INGLOT 10 Pan Palette Review & Swatches

As a beauty blogger, it's safe to say that I've tested a LOT of products. And in time, I've become pickier and pickier about the products I hold on to. I've returned or gotten rid of palettes that are beloved by beauty addicts such as the Naked 2 and the Too Faced Chocolate palette. I can't help it, my tastes have evolved! That's why the Inglot make your own palette option is kind of perfect for me.

During a 20% off sale (they do happen, there is hope!) I purchased 8 shades (I already owned 2 I really liked) and a 10 pan palette.

Just look at this neutral goodness. All shades I can use on a daily basis, with a good mix of matte shades and shimmers.

As you can see, I totally nicked one of my older shadows. Oh well. That's my one complaint with the packaging - it's super easy to nick shadows are they are quite hard to remove from the pan.

The swatches below indicate the shadows, and their finish.
Matte 328 (M328), Shine 154, Pearl 406 (P406), Pearl 409 (P409) Pearl 397 (P397), Matte 337 (M337), Matte 360 (M360), and the shadows I already owned, Pearl 402 (P402) and Pearl 422 (P422).

While I thought my favorite shades would be the Shine finishes, I actually absolutely love the Pearl finishes. I already loved 402, but 397 is a better and improved MAC All That Glitters. It's absolutely perfect for a quick every day eye with a bit of Matte 337 and 360 in the crease. The Matte shadows are of amazing quality. I had heard reviews that described them as being powdery - I tend to agree that they are on the more powdery side, but I think that's what makes a matte shadow really blendable and easy to work with. And this is true here - the shades are buttery soft and incredibly easy to blend. I felt like the Matte shadows in the Too Faced Chocolate palette were way more powdery. Pearl 406 is a bit too orange for me, so I wear this shade less often. I love Matte 328 to prime my lids (after a my trusty Urban Decay Lid Primer of course). It doesn't appear on my skin, but it makes my shadow last even longer. The Shine 154 and 153 are gorgeous, but they really are quite ... shiny! While I thought these would be everyday shadows, I find them quite intense. Still though, they're absolutely stunning and the finish reminds me of the very shimmery Anastasia shadows that recently released.

I do regret not including a dark brown in this palette. In fact, I might switch one of them out for a deep brown. Silly me, I was swayed by all the beautiful shimmery options, I didn't include a dark brown. Other than for that omission, this palette is pretty much the perfect neutral palette.

As a side note, I do think Inglot could do some work on their website to make the shadows easier to pick out. The only thing available is a color swatch (not a real photo) and the shade name. No description of the shade, and you the different finishes are divided into different categories. It's all very confusing. The websites indicates how much is left in stock, but no shade description. Makes no sense. I feel like a they'd get a lot more purchases if the website was easier to navigate and they included shade descriptions. It was quite the process picking out a shadow and doing tons of googling to see how the shade looks in real life. And that X8 was almost too much. I'm glad I persisted because these shadows are totally worth it. But unless you can get yourself to a store (they do have a few in Canada!) you're in for a treat.

Hope this review was helpful to you. I think that if you have the patience to pick these shadows out, they are 100% worth it. In terms of quality, I'd say they definitely surpass my MAC shadows, and are quite similar in texture to Anastasia shadows I own. They are incredibly long lasting, a quality that's very important to me as I have oily eyelids.