Monday, June 22, 2015

MAC Lipstick Love: Call The Hairdresser

Let's be honest here, I have more lipsticks that I'll ever be able to use. Still, when one of those lipsticks, walks (rolls?!) into your life, you can't help but make it to the cash register. This is what happened with MAC's Call The Hairdresser.

To be honest, when I bought it, I had no idea what collection it was from - I sort of tune out MAC's new collections. There's many of them, I can't keep track! But a quick Google search indicates that the lipstick comes from the MAC is Beauty collection.

The lipstick is perfect in texture. Light and semi-glossy, but pigmented, and it wears off beautifully. It actually lasts quite a long time on the lips! Its lasting power surprised me as the lipstick is quite light and comfortable to wear. I still had most of my lipstick on my lunch, and considering I sip coffee and snack all morning at work, that's quite good!

The shade of this is beautiful pinky berry. It's a "my lips but sunburned" shade! Really though, if my lips were sunburned, they would probably be about the shade of this lipstick. It's quite natural looking on my colouring and compliment a lot of different makeup looks.

All and all, definitely a winner from MAC. My first MAC purchase in a year and it turned out to be quite a staple. MAC's still got it!