Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween nails for my hundreth post

The girls at work and I had a bit of fun on Friday and gave ourselves some Halloween manicures.

Here's mine!

The candy corn nail was made with Sinful Colors nail polish in neon colors I can't recall the name of. The white is OPI Alpine Snow, the blood is OPI Malaga Wine and the black/navy is CND Inkwell (which I LOVE). Oh and the crackle is OPI's Black crackle polish which my friend from work bought for this occasion.

I'm lucky to have a workplace that allows activities like this once in a while. It was a blast to order take out and chill out with the girls at work. This will definitely be a remake next year!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just taking a Stroll here...

I have been so excited to tell you about this polish. So excited in fact, that I had other polish to show you in my lineup before this one but I skipped them. It is called Stroll, by China Glaze, and is my new polish soul mate.

In many ways, Stroll is similar to Ahoy! by China Glaze. They both have a sheerish base with different size of glitter in it. Also, they both give the nail the effect of dimension (by that I mean sort of like a soak-off gel polish) because of multi-size glitter. I must say, I prefer Stroll only because I like a red more than a pink on my nails. You NEED this polish, it is gorgeous. I got may compliments wearing it last week. The formula was excellent at two coats and it wore very very well during the week.

My camera is taking the front seat again since my boyfriend's camera is moving on to bigger projects (film). I miss it so much. Color is so hard to capture with my piece of shit Canon. Oh well. Boyfriend says I should buy one of my own which is tempting. Maybe when I win the lottery. And I plan to.

My weekend has been super uneventful so far and I've been loving it. Painting, cooking, eating, drinking coffee and reading has done me a world of good. Now, off to watching X-Files with the boyfriend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, my birthday is it now?

Actually, with the Blogger timestamp, it is no longer my birthday. But here, in Atlantic Canada, it sure is!

I wanted to make an effort and get a birthday post in. Just because. Fer the fun of it!

Today's nails are China Glaze's Fiji Fling. Nothing too exciting. Besides, my birthday nails are something much more exciting! But here are the swatch pictures, nevertheless.

This is two coats, and definitely could've used three. This polish just made me wish it was summer again. So it's going in the very back of my nail polish drawer. It'll be one for next year. 

Lucky me, I had an excellent birthday. Lots of cards, food, kisses from the boyfriend, laughter and friends. Can't ask for much better.

Edit: MY BAD, it's still my birthday on the timestamp. Thanks Blogger! HAHAH! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On a nude streak...

I'm loving the nude look on my nails right now. My hands are so freaking dry that nude nails is the only thing that looks decent on me.

OPI's Canberra't Without You is the perfect combination of nude and sparkle. It has tiny little flecks of glitter, just enough to be seen but conservative enough to call the polish a nude color. Also, the nude color is very flattering on. I quite like this polish and didn't really expect it to be anything exciting.

I believe this is two coats and it could have used a third one. But I'm lazy. I like this color against my skintone. It's got some pink tones which I like - it's not quite the mannequin hand look. The sparkle is silver and subtle, and frankly, the polish would've been just as nice without it.

Now you're probably just going to think I'm a crazy cat lady because of the abundance of Billie pictures in this blog... But loooook how cute she is!

She was at her least cute tonight when she pooed a really stinky one. Light some candles stinky. And as usual, when there was company over. Oh Billie, it's alright to be socially awkward, but you don't have to poop about it every time!

I'll try to post a few non-nudes soon. I'm getting tired of them. Maybe.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Freshcover - for the last time

These are now unfortunately discontinued. Therefore, this is probably my last post about a Freshcover nail polish. It's a shame because Pegasus (link here) was quite stunning.

This polish is also pretty stunning. It's multidimensional without being a "holo" or "sparkly" and vampy without being a cliché shade.

Anyways, this is called Black Gold.

Goodbye Freshcover. May you happily populate other drugstores than our Canadian Lawtons and may you produce many excellent shades in the future. You've got your formula almost perfect. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Fondue of You

My apologies (dear 10 or so readers) for my lack of posts.

I haven't been painting my nails much lately because of lack or time and renovations/construction at work. The dust is leaving my nails/hands so dry that it would be completely unacceptable to post pictures of them.  Work has been a pain in the ass - who loves sitting in dust and pink insulation shit? Not this girl. I'm pretty sure I have a phobia of that pink stuff anyway. It has freaked me out ever since I learned it's made of fiberglass. Ew!

Anyway, today's post is featuring OPI's I'm Fondue of You, which, in my humble opinion, would make a fabulous fall polish. I'd describe it as a brownish red with copper/red shimmer. This was two coats and had an excellent formula. The index finger in the pictures shows the color most accurately.

I MAY be purchasing a Malm bed from Ikea. All my life adult life, I've slept on shit mattresses and flimsy metal bed frames. I only recently purchased a new mattress (Queen baby!) and have been waiting patiently for a nice bed to go with it! Should I go with the Malm?

Or the Hopen? I'm not sure. And when I'm not sure, it takes me a looooong time to decide. It's a big purchase!
So yeah. Complicated stuff. I may go with the Hopen since it's a tad cheaper. But even then, this is a hardcore big decision. Not unlike picking out a sandwich for me. I'm bad at decisions.