Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just taking a Stroll here...

I have been so excited to tell you about this polish. So excited in fact, that I had other polish to show you in my lineup before this one but I skipped them. It is called Stroll, by China Glaze, and is my new polish soul mate.

In many ways, Stroll is similar to Ahoy! by China Glaze. They both have a sheerish base with different size of glitter in it. Also, they both give the nail the effect of dimension (by that I mean sort of like a soak-off gel polish) because of multi-size glitter. I must say, I prefer Stroll only because I like a red more than a pink on my nails. You NEED this polish, it is gorgeous. I got may compliments wearing it last week. The formula was excellent at two coats and it wore very very well during the week.

My camera is taking the front seat again since my boyfriend's camera is moving on to bigger projects (film). I miss it so much. Color is so hard to capture with my piece of shit Canon. Oh well. Boyfriend says I should buy one of my own which is tempting. Maybe when I win the lottery. And I plan to.

My weekend has been super uneventful so far and I've been loving it. Painting, cooking, eating, drinking coffee and reading has done me a world of good. Now, off to watching X-Files with the boyfriend!

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  1. I adore Stroll, such a great, flattering shade. I should wear it more often