Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween nails for my hundreth post

The girls at work and I had a bit of fun on Friday and gave ourselves some Halloween manicures.

Here's mine!

The candy corn nail was made with Sinful Colors nail polish in neon colors I can't recall the name of. The white is OPI Alpine Snow, the blood is OPI Malaga Wine and the black/navy is CND Inkwell (which I LOVE). Oh and the crackle is OPI's Black crackle polish which my friend from work bought for this occasion.

I'm lucky to have a workplace that allows activities like this once in a while. It was a blast to order take out and chill out with the girls at work. This will definitely be a remake next year!


  1. Cute! Those look professionally done (which they might be?) Regardless, happy 100th post! :D xxx

  2. Thank you!! <3 We did them ourselves! It was a blast!