Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Misa splurge!

So, I had to drive into another town the other day, to stand as a witness on trial. Long story short, I just witnessed a drunk driver hit a few other cars. The man pleaded guilty and I was done in no more than 30 minutes.

With the day in front of me, shopping suddenly announced itself. I went to my favorite nail polish supply store and noticed that they now stocked Misa! Super excited about the promo they had going on (buy 1 get one 1/2 off) I bought lots. Well, lots is relative here, my fellow polish fiends.

Tada! Left to right: Misa Push Upon it, Our Song, High Waist Hue and Blush Hour.
This is my poor application of Blush Hour. It is a soft pink which is almost white. And for that reason, it was completely unflattering on me. The formula was kind of streaky (think of all those pale Essie polishes with the streak plague) and thick. I guess I pushed my quest for a light pink a bit too far.

Shudders. But at least my cuticles look decent right? Probably pretty close to Ballet Slippers by Essie. Or Fiji. But I'm pretty sure Ballet Slippers is milkier.

In the next picture, however, please be warned, they look horrible. The state of my cuticles is directly proportional to the amount of stress in my life. More stress, more cuticle picking. Sometimes though, a sad or scary movie will do it too. STRESS!

Either way, here's Push Upon It. Does this sound dirty to anyone else? Yuck right? Other than the name, this polish was quite amazing. It dried quickly, wasn't gloopy and looked amazing on. Unfortunately, you don't really get that from the pictures. But trust me on this, it's a beautiful berry polish.  And just like Scrangie, I don't usually like berry. DAMN, this reminds me I have to eat the raspberries in my fridge before they go bad.

The only complaint with this polish is that it chips easily. It was meant to be my birthday polish but chipped in a couple days so I had to wear something else. 

Just wanted to tell you peeps that I've updated my blog sale HERE. I'm always up for a good haggle so feel free to message me if you're interested!

Cheers for now!

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