Thursday, May 14, 2015

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush - Plum Pop and Melon Pop

Like seriously, who can resist this beautiful packaging. I know I didn't! I bought the Plum Pop colour a few months ago, and a couple weekends ago, while at Sephora picking out a blush for my mother, I saw that they came out with new colours. Aaaaand, I just had to get another one!

Plum Pop on left, and Melon Pop on the right. As you can see, my Plum Pop is well loved!

Clinique has never been a brand to be particularly innovative about their packaging. They've traditionally stuck to the basics for lipsticks, blushes and foundation. But lately, they seem to be having more fun  - the new Clinique Pop Lip Colour's tubes correspond to the colour of the lipstick, and the Chubby Sticks are also have the same concept. I seriously wonder how many people bought these blushes 100% because of the packaging. Probably a lot. They are damn cute.

I love that the lid is clear so you can see the beautiful pattern in the blush. The plastic is very sturdy, and the lid is easy to open and close.

The blushes are pigmented and the colors are gorgeous. I'm especially in love with Plum Pop - it gives such a healthy glow. I can see that Melon Pop will be my summer staple. The soft peachy colour will be perfect with a little BB Cream and mascara for light summer makeup. If I didn't have a million blushes already, I would most certainly buy a lot more shades!

Only tiny complaint about the range - while I was looking for a blush for my mom, I checked the Clinique blushes because I love my Plum Pop shade so much, to see if there was a neutral rosy colour. And there wasn't any! Most of the colours (if not all) have shimmer running through - some are heavier on the shimmer, others are lighter. But not a whole lot of them were appropriate for a more mature skin. And none of them were even close to the rosy shade we were looking for for my mom. Out of 12 shades, that's a bit of a bummer.

Still though, I can't help but think these blushes are excellent value for money. The Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes are $24 in Canada - not a bad price at all for such a beautifully packaged, pigmented product. And, if you're like me, buy them at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart for points!