Thursday, October 13, 2011

On a nude streak...

I'm loving the nude look on my nails right now. My hands are so freaking dry that nude nails is the only thing that looks decent on me.

OPI's Canberra't Without You is the perfect combination of nude and sparkle. It has tiny little flecks of glitter, just enough to be seen but conservative enough to call the polish a nude color. Also, the nude color is very flattering on. I quite like this polish and didn't really expect it to be anything exciting.

I believe this is two coats and it could have used a third one. But I'm lazy. I like this color against my skintone. It's got some pink tones which I like - it's not quite the mannequin hand look. The sparkle is silver and subtle, and frankly, the polish would've been just as nice without it.

Now you're probably just going to think I'm a crazy cat lady because of the abundance of Billie pictures in this blog... But loooook how cute she is!

She was at her least cute tonight when she pooed a really stinky one. Light some candles stinky. And as usual, when there was company over. Oh Billie, it's alright to be socially awkward, but you don't have to poop about it every time!

I'll try to post a few non-nudes soon. I'm getting tired of them. Maybe.

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