Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Fondue of You

My apologies (dear 10 or so readers) for my lack of posts.

I haven't been painting my nails much lately because of lack or time and renovations/construction at work. The dust is leaving my nails/hands so dry that it would be completely unacceptable to post pictures of them.  Work has been a pain in the ass - who loves sitting in dust and pink insulation shit? Not this girl. I'm pretty sure I have a phobia of that pink stuff anyway. It has freaked me out ever since I learned it's made of fiberglass. Ew!

Anyway, today's post is featuring OPI's I'm Fondue of You, which, in my humble opinion, would make a fabulous fall polish. I'd describe it as a brownish red with copper/red shimmer. This was two coats and had an excellent formula. The index finger in the pictures shows the color most accurately.

I MAY be purchasing a Malm bed from Ikea. All my life adult life, I've slept on shit mattresses and flimsy metal bed frames. I only recently purchased a new mattress (Queen baby!) and have been waiting patiently for a nice bed to go with it! Should I go with the Malm?

Or the Hopen? I'm not sure. And when I'm not sure, it takes me a looooong time to decide. It's a big purchase!
So yeah. Complicated stuff. I may go with the Hopen since it's a tad cheaper. But even then, this is a hardcore big decision. Not unlike picking out a sandwich for me. I'm bad at decisions.


  1. This is a great shade, I've been looking into buying it for some time now, surely will now that the fall is coming, completely season appropriate

  2. Thanks! I like all the new colors coming out for fall but thought I better revert back to oldies to save some money!

    Thanks for the comment! Always appreciated!