Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sheer Mani? Let us evaluate.

This is totally not me but I was lusting after Essie's Ballet Slippers at the drug store the other day and though that rather than spending, I'll shop my stash!

I ended up with Essie's Vanity Fairest on my nails.

It did NOT help my Ballet Slippers craving. The sheer polish was three coats, and bubbled in some places. It didn't dry fast at all(I smudged it and took it off promptly) and it looked bad on. Plus, some brush pieces (you'll notice on my pinky nail) embedded itself in my polish. What?!

Anyway, so this mani sucked. I don't mind the sheer nail thing but three NON-DRYING coats isn't worth it. Catch you another time sheer mani!

Oh the other hand (PUN!), I did sport a french manicure all week. I was pretty different for me.

The tips were freestyled (!!) China Glaze's White on White and the top coat was China Glaze's Diva Bride. I quite enjoyed wearing this since it didn't wear out (or didn't appear to) as fast as a regular mani. I'd probably do this again if I know my week is too busy to take care of my nails.

Hmm, what else?

A painting taking shape?

A smug Billie watching over me?

Billie says: have a great week meoow!

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  1. BILLIE IS SO CUTE! I love tabbies. They're the best. Also, I wish I had your nails. I have unfortunate beds e_e .......:D xxx