Thursday, September 1, 2011

Below Deck, please.

Lemme tell you, this week has been hell. The only good thing about this week will be that I can wear jeans to work tomorrow.

But at the same time, I think I learned something this week. Things are only as bad as you make them out to be. Even if I had a crap week, looking back on it, I was angry at really silly things. Like my lack of moolah at the moment,  my completely unfulfilling job that makes the moolah not worth it, the cat worries (Billie is getting skinny!!! AHHHHH) and friend drama - in the end, I can only change what I think of these things and how I deal with them. What's the point in dealing with difficult things in a difficult way - better to take things with a grain of salt no? Besides, I'm lucky in a lot of ways - I have first world problems syndrome bigtime. I'm a stressed person by nature I think and I need to learn how to breeeeaaathe.

Blog face back on. 

So today, I will show you the exceptional regularness that is China Glaze's Below Deck. I was so pissed when I got this in the mail because I had also ordered, at the same time, freaking Essie Merino Cool which looks like its doppelganger. FML.

HOWEVER, Below Deck dried WAY darker than it looks in the bottle so it may not be a dupe. We'll see because I'll be posting a comparison soon.

It's pretty. Nothing unique or unseen. People couldn't decide if it was gray or purple. Sometimes I wonder if everyone around is colorblind. I think it's a taupe/mauve. Right?

The wear time suuuucked on this one - one day gave me major chippies. 

Aren't my cuticles doing so much better!? Be warned though, this picture was taken before the start of the week. Stress = cuticle picking/damage. I can't help it! But I do my best for you, moisturizing profusely, faithful 19 readers.

On another note, I'm not doing a "What's in Your Bag" post anytime soon since I'll probably get my legs shoved into a meat grinder à la LipstickRules. How lame people are nowadays eh? Geesh.

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