Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The struggles aren't in vain

Boy oh boy, I'm having a rough go.

I'm so grateful to the wonderful people in my life for supporting me.

Let me come right out and say it - weaning off anti-depressants is not easy. It's draining, frustrating, exhausting, you sweat a lot and you feel like shit. I'm extremely lucky that some people understand the effects. Hugs to yall. I know this isn't beauty/nail polish related but there are other of you out there that love makeup/nail polish, I'm sure of it. You will get through it!

Meanwhile, I picked up this Malvala polish called Pitchpin for $1 at Lawton's. The name Malvala totally reminds me of a character in Asterix called Falbala ...  Anyone? Ah, the damnedness of being French! Nobody ever catches my references!
I quite like the mini bottles. I never ever use up a whole bottle of polish so might as well buy some for cheaper that have less in them eh? And the quality of the polish is quite good as well. I remember Lisa Eldridge wearing a Malvala polish in one of her Youtube video - hence why I bought mine.

Cute right? The color is most similar to my last two fingers in the last picture. It's more bronzey than orange really. It seems like it would be a great color for a night out.

Picture of my current favorite mug:

Goodnight! I shall be back with Malvala and CND!

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