Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hawaiian Orchid by OPI plus random spamfest of pictures!

I'm assuming the makers of OPI were thinking of this when they made this polish:

Because basically, all the orchids that came up in my Google search were fuchsia colored.

I actually quite like this polish. I love the pink - it has a blue/purple flash in it that I couldn't capture because apparently, there is no more daylight when I wake up in the mornings. This is three thin coats of the polish. It dried reasonably fast and lasted 3 days without chips on me. For you soft pink lovers, this is for you.

The other day, I was in such a crabby mood that my boyfriend basically ordered me to take a walk and bring the camera. The result was a better mood and pictures!

Yup, these are pretty lame. But it's okay because it was just for the fun of it. But I also haven't used Photoshop or edited them in any way. That probably would've helped.

Also, I'm painting now. I used to be decent as a teen but totally stopped painting when I moved out because I didn't want to bring all my supplies with me to school. I'm still not happy with the colorful one, at all. Hopefully, the painting falls into place.

The other one is finished (not like in the picture), and is now hanging in my bedroom. And I'm quite happy with it! Oops, my slipper is in the picture. Sorry!

I'm off for a little day of adventure. Some traveling, some chimney sweeping and horse races! Should be pretty exciting!

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