Friday, September 9, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Take 2: Royal Purple

I have had this polish in my stash of untried for months. I basically only picked it up because it was something like $2 at Sally's and, well, $2 polish usually does it for me. Even if purple is never my first pick.

This was a true surprise. I expected this to be super boring duochromy looking at it in the bottle but it's really nice! This is three thin coats of the polish.

I feel like I've grown bored of blue/purple and pink/blue thing. But duochrome is making a comeback in my nail polish tastes. And glitter as well. This means DANGER.

Pretty eh?

I think this polish may be discontinued though. I'm not sure since I'm in Canada - the Sallys here is weird.

Billie is bathing herself, in her own cat way, as I write this. She says hellos. 

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