Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall is a-coming

As yes fall, my favorite season. Sure, summer is nice but it is nothing compared to the changing color of leaves, the crunchy noise when you walk in them, the smell of the air in the morning, and, most importantly, my birthday. I love fall.

However, weirdly enough, I'm not a huge fan of "fall colors" in makeup, clothes or nail polish. I get bored of them as soon as I see the magazines with the "jewel tones" section. Barf. Still, I though it seasonal and kind of cool to review another fall polish for Joe Fresh called Pumpkin.

This is two coats of the polish. It is much murkier and yellow toned than in the pictures. However many times I changed the settings to my camera, changed the position of my hand or window I was taking my pictures at - nada, it would still picture as a bright orange. Oh well.

At the bottom of the bottle in this picture, the murky orange color is what this nail polish truly looks like.

No complaints about this polish. It applied well, wasn't streaky, and dare I say, is a very original color. Well done Joe Fresh! - pretty much, as usual at this point. But work on those names please!

Now, nail art - I'm interested. Any suggestions as to where I should start? I don't like rhinestones and Hello Kitty. But anything else and I'm game! Lay-em on me!

I'm up way too late at the moment (painting my nails, go figure) so bedtime for me. Billie is even sleeping - if she's sleeping I HAVE to sleep or else she wakes up again and runs around and makes noise. I gots to hurry!

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