Monday, September 19, 2011

System break down

My system has broken down. Because there is so little sunlight now in the mornings (and at night), I am not able to take decent pictures of my nails. You'll see what I mean in the next couple of posts. Unfortunately, that's the only time that I'm able to take pictures and do my nails. So, I think I'll have to manoeuvre some kind of lightbox system for picture taking. We'll see.

I picked up Malvala's Silk nail polish partly because it was only $1 like Pitchpin but also because I thought it might be a darker neutral than Deborah Lippmann's Naked. It definitely is, and its formula is just as lovely as Naked.

See what I mean by the lighting issues? It's not good. But ya get the picture - nude polish.

I also did way too much nail polish haulage. But that also means more swatchage for you!

I'm so excited about these CND Effects! They look amazing on the nail - there is a post coming up soon for Copper Pearl!

My day is going by in a haze. I made a Lipton Sidekick for lunch and put three cups of water instead of 1 1/2. My noodles were already in the water so I proceeded to ladle out the excess water. Man, I'm lame.

Edit to add: MY BAD. I also burned/melted my MARGARINE plastic cover on the stovetop. KLASSY.

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