Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, my birthday is it now?

Actually, with the Blogger timestamp, it is no longer my birthday. But here, in Atlantic Canada, it sure is!

I wanted to make an effort and get a birthday post in. Just because. Fer the fun of it!

Today's nails are China Glaze's Fiji Fling. Nothing too exciting. Besides, my birthday nails are something much more exciting! But here are the swatch pictures, nevertheless.

This is two coats, and definitely could've used three. This polish just made me wish it was summer again. So it's going in the very back of my nail polish drawer. It'll be one for next year. 

Lucky me, I had an excellent birthday. Lots of cards, food, kisses from the boyfriend, laughter and friends. Can't ask for much better.

Edit: MY BAD, it's still my birthday on the timestamp. Thanks Blogger! HAHAH! 

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