Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday night is unwinding time

Friday nights are usually the night of the week where I choose to unwind. I cook, clean (usually consists of sweeping and bathroom), take a bath or shower, slap on a face mask, catch up on blog reading, youtubing. I really cherish that time. It let's me breathe out my week and prepare for the rest of the weekend with a less cloudy brain.

Here's a snippet of what happened tonight.

I came home to this. Right under my duvet cover.

Now I don't like it when she sleeps under there all the time because HELLO, I just changed my bedsheets and now there's going to be hair in it. UGH.

I took her out of there and she gave me the stink eye:

She wasn't impressed. But then I opened the window, and she took a liking to the fresh air.

After that, the kitchen looked like a veggie storm went through it.

But the storm gave delicious results.

The top one is a bean salad with chickpeas, kidney beans and steamed green beans. The bottom one is a potato salad (no mayo!) with bacon and dijon mustard. They were part of my plan to find some yummy salad recipes to eat through the week. So far so good! And low cholesterol too!

After that, I cleaned the apartment a bit and took a relaxing Lush bath and put in a leave in conditioner in my hair. It was delightful.

How do you unwind? Do you block out a specific day for it or do you spread it out, here and there?


  1. Your food makes me sooo hungry!

  2. Oh that looks amazing! Usually my days to unwind are the weekend during the day. More relaxing while my boyfriend is working lol.