Thursday, March 22, 2012

I've been so Gouda

Actually, my beauty spending has been nothing Gouda, it's been very very bad. Plus, tax refunds are so tempting to be spent right away. It's been a struggle! Oh well! As my hunny says, you got to live a little!

On with the review of Gouda Gouda Two Shoes by OPI!

I absolutely love this polish. I loved wearing it, how it looked against my skin tone and the "romantic" feel of it. It has a bit of a golden/bronze shimmer to it that it beautiful when it hits the sunlight. It's not very visible when you don't look for it however, which makes this polish quite office appropriate.  I say this, but I could wear any color nail polish at my work and nobody would care. However, at my last job, I wouldn't have even tried.

You can see the shimmer at the top of the bottle in this picture. Basically, that's the jist of it. It's very subtle.

Even though it's subtle, I love the shimmer in this polish BECAUSE it is subtle. I feel like the polish would take on a whole other personality if the shimmer was full blown. 

Anyway, I love this polish. If there was a blush made of this color, I'd sleep with it. If you're into these types of colors, I highly recommend it. This was the polish from the OPI Holland collection I was least excited about, partially because in swatches it looked like a total "mum" color, but it's the one I like most so far. 

I will be rewearing you Gouda Gouda Two Shoes!