Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring fun with Borghese Menta!

This, my friends, is Borghese Menta, a very pretty light green, minty fresh, shimmery wonder.

I think it's a very pretty spring color. I don't think (like most greens on my skintone) that it gives much of a lobster hand - it's very wearable. The subtle shimmer running through the polish also gives it a soft focus effect. It is very pretty. A cream, lace dress with this polish screams spring to me!

This was three coats however, and with the lack of patience I have, it was a bit irritating. That was kind of remedied by the formula which dried uber fast. The pictures show that three coats might not have been enough as you can still see some bald spots on my nails.

If you live in Canada and love the color of this polish, grab it while you can because I have an inkling that this may be getting discontinued. I've been seeing this line of polish going on clearance in the Shopperses around town.

I have a crazy work week ahead of me so I better get to it!

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