Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Brand in Grape Swirl

Duri nail varnishes have long hung around the nail polish blogosphere. But I had never seen one in real life until a month or so ago. I decided to give this Grape Swirl color a go, since I didn't have anything similar in my collection.

Isn't this super pretty? I'm not really a purple kind of person, which is why this didn't stay on my nails for too long, but the color of the polish itself is so incredibly gorgeous! The shimmer in the polish is quite dense but very very fine.

The formula was a tad thick. It wasn't hard to apply and it did take a bit longer than my usual polishes to dry. It's not that bad though, so if this is a color for you, I wouldn't hold the formula against it.

For the funz:

Have I mentioned how much I hate this supposed Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air dupe? I don't own that one, sadly, but this Revlon Whimsical polish is so thick and hard to apply. And then the glitters stick to the brush so you almost have to "apply" them.Oh well, maybe it'll be worth the effort on the "right" polish. It's too sheer on it's own and looks like blubber on Duri's Grape Swirl. Oh well.

Also, I feel like my Clarisonic is CRAWLING through Canada. Like seriously, you're a Canadian store, shouldn't I have your parcel by now?

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