Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here is the coveted polish.

Kewl right? It was extremely hard to photograph as some angles gives dark green reflects, others are light green/yellow. It's a strange polish.

If you're in Canada, definitely worth picking up at Superstore.

I just got my first bronzer called Nars Laguna. I find it doesn't show up very much on my skintone. I'm not sure I'm doing it the right way either. I'll post pictures of it at a later date.

Here's my Billie enjoying a bit of sun we got this week. She was so excited - she was running around the place, making funny noises. It was great to see!


  1. I love the polish! Has it got flakies in it? I've never tried the brand, mainly because I don't think it's available in the UK.

    Your cat is gorgeous!

  2. Yes! It has loads of flakies! Boy was it a pain to take that polish off.

    Yes, I believe it's only available in Canada so far unfortunately. But plenty of other brands make polishes with flakies such as Nubar and Nfo Oh. I suppose you could layer that over a black base.

    Billie says thank you, she knows she's gorgeous! haha!

  3. And love your blog 25FLONDON!

  4. I don't own a polish with flakies/a ton of glitter, because for some reason I used to hate the look of them, but I'm taking baby steps & admiring from afar! I've always heard that they're a pain to take off, but still. So pretty!

    & thank you! x