Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm absolutely loving Joe Fresh nailpolish. I just tried another one today (Eggplant) and honestly, they're competing with the likes of Essie and China Glaze. Except they last longer than China Glaze in my experience. Pictures will be up soon.

Also, have you heard the new Radiohead album? As a die-hard fan, I'm a bit muffed by their new album. It sounds exactly like In Rainbows. However, I've fallen in love with Lotus Flower - such a stunning song. And I don't even like flowers!

I saw this beautiful wedding dress walking downtown today. I can't wait to be wearing one. Why do you have to be getting married or going to a prom to wear a gown? That's why I should totally be a celebrity - I promise I would use the "gown privileges" wisely, Oh Oscar Gods, and wear something you'll approve of and skip the swan/red strapless boringness/or black plunging neckline.

Oh and on an awesome coincidence tangent, I found a pair of J Brand jeggings today for 50 bucks! Amazing! They're a bit too big but I don't love the skin tight thing anyway.

Until next time, with pictures.


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