Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nameless Borghese

Did you know that Borghese means middle-class in English? Well, you must be smarter than me because I surely didn't. I had to babelfish it.

If you're thinking, my my, her hands look grubby, you're totally right. I've been having a stressful few days and my cuticles always get the worst of it when that happens. Poor, bloody and dry cuticles. Nail polish usually help because then I don't want to ruin it by picking at my nails. And to add, I grated my knuckles. 

This polish doesn't have a name on the bottle. But it's a gorgeous iridescent red with a hint of pink in it. I can see myself wearing this many times. Have you noticed I'm biased toward reds yet?


  1. I generally don't *love* reds on me, but this looks great on you, & it's such a bargain!

    It looks like it applies really nicely. I've never tried a polish by Borghese but I have heard quite a bit about them - might have to look into shades I'd like!

  2. Aw thanks! Red is such a classic. Maybe try variations of red? I'm more into deep red than the Borghese one I posted.

    The brush on this polish was excellent. I don't know if wide brushes are good or bad but this one was wide and I loved it. They also just released a new line of polishes that are the "dry fast" type. There's a gorgeous mint color in the line :)