Monday, March 21, 2011

Joe Fresh again - Eggplant!

Here's Joe Fresh Eggplant.

I'm not really impressed by this polish. Does this look like eggplant to you? And weirdly enough, it did look like eggplant in the bottle. But on the nail it's just a flat grey with barely any mauve in it. Kinda boring. I like my Revlon Cloud better.

And this polish has lasted not as long as Twilight. It chipped in a couple days. But maybe it's because I was rough on my nail - I may have scratched things in order to get my cat to look at me while I was taking pictures. Which failed - she has a mind of her own.

Billie is going on her first vet trip tomorrow! I'm so nervous. I don't want them to find anything wrong with her - even if she's just going for an update on her shots.

This is Arsene, my cat from back home. He's such a big and CHILL cat. That cat is not bothered by anything, or anyone. Except when you pull the hair beneath his paws. He doesn't like that.

I may get to foster some kittens as well so be prepared for adorable kitten shots! Until next time! More reviews on some MAC eyeshadows, Clarins new spring lippies and some OPI nailpolishes!

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