Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gelish nails in Midnight Caller

Sometimes, when I just can't be bother to be fussing at my nails, when my week is looking too busy for a regular polish sesh, I use up my Sunday night to Gelish myself up.

For those of you who don't know, Gelish is a gel polish, as the name suggests, that must be cured under a LED or UV light. Yes, it does take a bit more time than a regular manicure, but if you're lucky, it can last up to three weeks. My nails grow too fast for that to be realistic, but I'm already happy with a truly chip free manicure for a week.

Gelish's Midnight Caller is a shimmery steel gray. I was worried the polish would be streaky, specifically because of the shimmery finish, but the polish was self-leveling, and didn't cause me any problems.

I really liked wearing this polish. I was versatile and neutral enough to match my closet's color palette, but it also had little bit of a kick with its beautiful shimmer.

I'm currently debating what color of Gelish I will be sporting for my sister's wedding. We're wearing navy dresses and I'm thinking either a soft pink, or a lavender. What do you think?


  1. I've been curious/fascinated with gel polishes, but ultimately I'm too lazy...and fickle. I like to change up my polish weekly, so there's really no point to go all out with a gel mani only to remove it 6-7 days later. I use Essie's Good to Go top coat or Seche Vite and either one ensures my polish lasts all week without any chips. Have you tried any of these? I love them!

    1. I knooow! It's so hard to commit to a color with gel nails - but at the same time, I love the convenience of it!

      I love my Seche Vite too though! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness what a unique color! At first I thought it was periwinkle, but the shade is silver, too! I love how it looks on your tips :)

    ♥ Jessica