Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bite Beauty Color and Shine to Go minis!

Being an hour and a half away from a Sephora is sometimes difficult. When my coworker and I scheduled some work meetings in a Sephora town, I knew what I'd be doing during my lunch break. While browsing the ailes, I fell on this little Bite Beauty minis. I had passed on a Bite Beauty purchase this summer in Toronto and after hearing great reviews of Bite Beauty, regreted it. I though, eh, why not give this cute minis a try!

These are teeny tiny! You receive a gloss in Sante, and two Luminous Creme lipsticks in Fig and Pepper. All for $15!

Sure, the packaging is a bit hard to work with - you have to be careful not to smoosh the top of the lipstick when you put the cap back on. But I didn't even talk about the good part. These lipsticks are GOOD. Amazing even. Seriously.

From left to right: Sante Lipgloss, Fig lipstick, Pepper lipstick

The swatches don't show how smooth, pigmented and COMFORTABLE these are to wear. They are truly one of the nicest formula of lipsticks I own. They are not slippery in texture like Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, nor waxy like some MAC lipsticks. They resemble the texture of my Estee Lauder Crystal Rose, but these are less glossy, and well, better really. They are smooth, and coat the lips evenly without any tugging or heavy application. I hate when a lipstick is so glossy that you have to seriously coat your lips for an even application. That usually leads to seriously dry lips once it wears out. They are not in the least bit waxy, which is a personal lipstick pet peeve of mine as well. I realise I pretty much ignored the poor Sante lipgloss - it's fine, but a bit too thick for my taste. I'm not much of a gloss girl anyway.

If you're not quite sold, ready this review by Xiao from Messy Wands. How pigmented is THAT? Bite Beauty is going to be famous, I can tell. (I forgot to add that this review by Beautezine is also excellent!) At least I hope so. I'm definitely purchasing the full size of the Pepper lipsticks. I wore it this morning and I think I checked myself in the mirror a couple times on the way to work. Boy thought I was weird, and with reason.

Have you tried any Bite Beauty products?