Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dior Vernis in Rouge Altesse, or Red Royalty - review and swatches

It's funny. I really didn't intend to buy this polish. The sales person was pushy and was trying to get me out of buying a Butter London polish, and kept saying Dior was much better. I caved in and she sort of proved herself right!

Dior's Vernis in Rouge Altesse, or Red Royalty in English, is a true almost cherry red. It's kind of cherry looking in my pictures but trust me, it's not cherry looking in most lights. It's a bright, true red. It has a silver shimmer running through it which you can see in the bottle if you look very closely. It's not apparent on the nail which was a tad disappointing.

The formula of this polish is excellent. It's incredibly pigmented but also quite fluid. However, it does not pool around the cuticles, and provides opaque coverage in one coat. It did stain my nails though. And the brush - I love it! It's stiff but wide - it's excellent for the three strokes application technique. It also wore quite well, lasting a good 4 days before chips.

I'm not sure I'd purchase any other of Dior's polishes since the price point ($24) is so high, but I must admit my first experience has impressed me. Perhaps the limited edition Vernis of the future will woo me? Yeah, probably.

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Mine was quite good and relaxing. I worked a bit on the layout of the blog. And since I now have an iPhone (5!!!), I have an Instagram account as well! Also, the boy and I completed the Rocky series - my favorites have been Rocky I, III and Rocky Balboa. I now have the theme song stuck in my head permanently. And forever. On repeat. Oh dear.


  1. I love Dior polishes :) This is so classic and lovely!

  2. Dior polishes are, in my opinion, the best out there! I love them <3 You never can go wrong with red :D / Claire

  3. There are not many swatches of this one and yours is the best by far, really great classic red.