Monday, July 16, 2012

What's in and out for me right now?


- Joe Fresh. Damn I love Joe Fresh. Yes, sometimes the quality can be questionable, but I have never been disappointed by them so far. Their sunglasses are also an affordable option for the summer - I just bought a killer pair of Ray Ban-esque glasses for $9. Killah! I've also bought a pair of white boyfriend shorts and they have turned out to be my most worn pair this summer! At $19!

- J Crew. I so wish we had a J Crew around because I seriously think I've never hated a piece they've come out with. I love this Pom-pom shell so much. And I love their structured schoolboy blazers. I love it all! And there's a 40% off sales on the website as I write this! I purchased this guy in white and this tunic this morning!

- TORONTO! I've heading to the big city in two weeks! I cannot wait to visit the city with the boy! Anyone from there that has any tips for what's fun to do? We already had city-passes and are going to hit all the touristy stuff first. Then IKEA. Ha ha ha! And J Crew of course.

- Moonrise Kingdom. I was totally charmed by this Wes Anderson movie last week. I've always been a fan of his work (Rushmore! Life Aquatic! Fantastic Mr. Fox!) but this one especially struck a chord for me. It was beautiful and simple. And totally reminded me of what it was like to be a teenager. Oh those emotions!

- ASOS. I've been obsessed with it since my coworker told me they offer free shipping. Even to Canada. I may or may not have several packages coming in the mail.

- Shiseido. I'm smitten with their products. I can't wait to be able to swatch them in person!


- Online retailers that don't ship to Canada, namely Ann Taylor and BaubleBar. Like seriously? Why are you doing that to yourself as a business?

- Random pimples... currently battling a monster on my face. Not fun at all.

- Sunburns. Mine is so itchy! Also "out" is pasty sunscreen that claims to be waterproof but clearly is not. Thanks Aveeno.

- The humidity. Yes, I know, I'm in Canada, but it's pretty bad right now and it is making my hair frizzy.

- Old expired foundation. Doesn't take long for me to realize the product is bad because my face always breaks out right away. I'm going to rethink this whole expiry date thing à la Lips So Facto

I'm sure I can come up with more "outs" than "ins" as I am the queen of complaining (seriously, anyone who knows me will tell you the same), but I'll stop here and wish you all a great day!


  1. I'm in love with Shiseido's foundation brush! And I totally agree with you about Wes Anderson -- I think I want all my movies to be made in miniature theatre :D

    1. OOOH, is the brush good really? I was wondering about it! Excellent, it's added to my list.

      Oh man Wes Anderson has my respect. I just remembered how much I love Rushmore writing this post today. "I wrote a hit play!". LOL!