Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Sweet Pea (RD304) - Review and something new

Shiseido was never a brand I was particularity attracted to. From afar, AKA on the other side of my computer screen, the packaging seemed mediocre, the colors kind of typical and the color coding difficult to understand. But when I saw Shiseido's Perfect Rouge in Sweet Pea on Temptalia, the unique shade of the lipstick was enough for love at first sight. I needed that lipstick stat!

First of all, contrary to what I thought it would be, the packaging is AMAZING. It's sturdy, heavy in the metal sort of way, simple and classy looking. It was better than what I expected by far. Plus, it's very compact and easy to stash in your makeup bag.

Warning: lipstick tube vanity pictures ahead.
The lipstick's formula is amazing. Smooth, not waxy in the least bit, but pigmented. For a lipstick that's so creamy and dark in shade, I was expecting some streaking problems with the application but I didn't have any. Sweet Pea is a warm rosy/red shade with an inkling of shimmer. Even with its warm undertones, I found it flattering on my cool skin tone and thought the shade quite unique! I couldn't find anything similar to it in my collection.

Bare lips

With Sweet Pea

Swatched on my hand.

I tested the wear time by wearing this on my lips to the beach (which may not have been my best idea) and it wore quite well for the hour I was there baking in the sun (with sunscreen of course). I'd estimate the wear time to be about 4 hours until it fades to a light stain.

Overall, I'm completely satisfied with this purchase. The color is unique, wears well, and is very moisturizing. I didn't find the need to slather my lips in balm after Sweet Pea wore off. I'm definitely on the lookout for a couple more shades of the Perfect Rouge formula. Shiseido, I'm so sorry I doubted you!

On a totally different tangent, I was hoping to start a movie of the week blurb at the end of my Wednesday posts. The boy and I are ardent movie goers/watchers and I was thinking perhaps my suggestions might be fun to hear. Of course, if you're not interested, just skip over this bit but we watch a bit of everything, so there's going to be something to everyone's taste... hopefully!

Movie of the week: Attack the Block. I watched this with the boy and his best friend (who suggested the film) and was expecting nothing major since I had heard nothing of it, but it was amazing! A charming and scary little movie about some teenage London thugs trying to fight off some aliens attacking their "block" aka apartment complex. It was well made, hilarious, interesting, refreshing and weird all at the same time. A really good palette cleanser if you will! I highly recommend it if you want to try something new!


  1. Oh wow, I would never have thought it's so pigmented or bold just by how it looks in the tube! It's BEAUTIFUL on you! I've heard Shiseido lipsticks are under-raved but are fantastic. I'll have to take a look at them soon!

    1. They are totally under-raved, you're right! Definitely take a look at them in person if you can - swatches online are so limited!

  2. I can't believe it's that bold and I LOVE it! I've been meaning to try a Shiseido lipstick ... and a Shu Uemura lipstick and (okay the list goes one). This is absolutely stunning on your complexion ... I may have to add this to the list!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. LOL! Shu Uemura is on my list too! Thanks for the compliment girl :)

  3. I just got a shu lippie, and I have to agree the packaging is beautiful. I love the indented metal and the heaviness adds a luxurious feel too. I'm looking forward to your movie of the week block. I'm not much of a movie goer, so Im hoping to pick up some tidbits :)

  4. I absolutely love Shiseido's Perfect Rouge. Sweet Pea looks gorgeous on you! I love the formula and the packaging is just beautiful. Love your blog, too! :)