Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a party with Dior Extreme Addict in Plaza!

I got sucked into it, I swear. When I swatched a few Dior Addict Extreme at my closest Dior counter, I was convinced that they were different enough from my Dior Addict Lipsticks to warrant a purchase. After testing my Plaza purchase out, I think my first impression was right!

First off, Plaza is truly pigmented. For such an emollient lipstick, the color is very potent and lasts quite long on the lips. I put this lipstick on this morning and by lunch, it was still very bright and didn't wear off in the middle of my lips like most lipsticks do. While I'm usually a bit weary of brighter pink lipsticks, I find Plaza very wearable for my skintone.

The packaging, as always with Dior, is gorgeous.
Plaza, swatched on my hand. It does not have shimmer although it may look like it in the picture. It is a true bright blue based pink color.

Bare lips.

Lips with Plaza.

This is definitely a big winner for me. I'm very happy I purchased it even if I thought it was similar to the Dior Addict lipsticks. In my opinion, Plaza is more pigmented, and lasts longer than all my Dior Addict lipsticks. The formula is also non-drying, in my humble lips' opinion. It was very comfortable for me to wear and I find myself reaching out for it quite regularly. I'm so happy I picked this out! I'm also very tempted to try other shades from the Dior Addict Extreme line but not sure what color to pick - any suggestions from you guys? I was thinking Riviera, but after swatching it at Sephora, I wasn't too sure of the color of it - and it didn't seem as pigmented as my beloved Plaza.

In other news...

... I built myself a lightbox! That's right, high quality product pictures are coming your way. Well, after I find suitable lighting. The current lights aren't cutting it unfortunately... I can't find the appropriate bulbs!

Hope your week has been swell! Mine was interspersed with shoe purchases, and therefore pretty good! :)


  1. I love this lipstick, it's great that it acts more like a gloss. Not too much color, but lips are moisturized. Totally Dior style. Dior Croisette 4

  2. What a pretty color! And I agree, the packaging can't get much better than that!

    I love your new lightbox, I can't believe you built one! I can barely be counted on to have a clean piece of white paper to shoot my photos with :P

  3. Ahh! I think I need to try this on my lips. I've swatched it so many times in store, but it seems too similar to things I have... but it also looks so pretty on you (and everyone else I've seen it on!) Eeek.