Saturday, August 13, 2011

The trial of a new brand

You know when you try something out of your usual brands and you're extremely disappointed and you're like, WHA? why the eff did I buy this crap? Well, it's called testing things out my friends, and doing that, as part of this beauty blogging stint, I have come across some shit product. 

A good example is this Nina Ultra Pro polish in Ink-ling. It was the gloopiest mess I have ever encountered. It was so hard to get the polish even, I was raging and swearing at every nail. I persisted, however, and ended with this:

Not the worst application ever. And quite a pretty color.

As you can see, it ended being an okay looking manicure (disregarding the cuticles). My family, who I was visiting for the weekend, couldn't figure out what color it was. That always pleases me. But I sure as hell won't be fighting with this polish any time soon.

On another note, I always laugh out loud when I walk into my bedroom to this:

Who's under there you may wonder? Well, it's Billie of course!

She loves sleeping under my top blanket. Sometimes I'll leave the house and come back 4 hours later and she's still napping under there. Bless that little weasel face <3

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