Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teal? How boring can a polish name be Joe Fresh?

Don't get me wrong, some Essie (AKA, Meet Balls) and OPI (AKA Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window) nail polish names are ridiculous. But for Joe Fresh to stop at "Teal" to name a polish, you know they've done the minimum effort required to find a name.  Besides, the color isn't really a true teal to me - I find it more to be a sky blue with a tint of teal. Anyway, regarless of the boring name, the polish itself certainly isn't.

Looking at the photos again, it kind of does look teal. It really wasn't in real life - it pulled towards blue a lot more. This was one coat of semi-gloopy polish. I'm a-okay with gloopy if it gives me one even coat of polish. This definitely did. And what's more - the polish lasted a long time on my nail without chips. I definitely recommend you to pick it up!

This polish came out for the new Joe Fresh fall collection. I must say, there are some beautiful and unique colors in that collection. I you have a chance to stop by your local Joe Fresh supplier, please pick up a few of their fall collection. It's definitely worth it.


  1. lol, redonculous names is why I buy the polish sometimes, and then end up actually liking the color.

  2. Yeah true dat. I may buy the "Oh Uh Roll Down the Windows" just for the name. It's hilarious!