Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do You Believe in The Dupe?

Can a true dupe really exist? I find it hard to believe myself because of the complexity of color mixing. Being a half-assed painter myself, mixing color is very difficult, especially if you are wanting a specific shade. My paintings prove this - they are just a kerfuffle of muted colors. I'm still working on it.

Please clap your hands for the fight to the death of Joe Fresh Khaki (once again baffled by the originality of the name) and Essie Sew Psyched.

Essie's Sew Psyched came out in the Fall 2010 collection while Khaki just came out about a month ago. Did Joe Fresh steal Essie's formula? See for yourself.

Index is Sew Psyched, then Khaki, then Sew Psyched and pinky Khaki.

Essie Sew Psyched + Smudge of doom, Joe Fresh Khaki, Essie, Joe Fresh on pinky

Like whut? I honestly cannot see any difference between the polishes. The subtle shimmer is even there (yes, the bluish shimmer AND the silvery shimmer). Maybe, MAYBE, if you want to be really really picky, in SOME light, Khaki is a bit darker. But that wouldn't even be considered a smidgen darker. Maybe an inkling. Then again, I'm not sure. Even the formula is the same - they both required two thin coats. And both brushes are crappy - the Joe Fresh one is really fat and the handle is short and tricky to use, and Essie's brush has always been too thin for my liking. So that part is a lose lose.

Obviously (hopefully) Joe Fresh didn't steal the formula. But as you can tell from your own eyes, they are essentially the same. The lesson here folks, and the bottom line after all this comparing and contrasting, is that Joe Fresh is a third of the cost of Essie. So go with the Joe Fresh.

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  1. This is goooorgeous! I love that Joe Fresh comes out with these beautiful colours every single season. Thanks for the comparison swatches. :)