Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quite the Case Study here...

Isn't this a strange color? This Essie color called Case Study is from the Fall 2011 collection named Brand New Bag. It's a milky sort of chocolate color with a tinge of green. It's very faint but it's definitely there. What's nice about this color is that I find it strangely flattering. It doesn't look that great in the pictures but I love the look of it on my hands. What a weirdo!

EUGH, excuse the fingers. I took every precaution to NOT put my hands near water before this picture. But then I had to pee. And make coffee. So yeah, my apologies.

The Brand New Bag collection looks quite impressive. As I am po' (I sense a blog sale coming soon), I could only pick one color from the collection to choose from. I'm quite happy with my pick. It's different without being one of the SPARKLE in yo FACE unique colors.

This was two coats with Essie Good to Go top coat. One tiny little thing that I didn't love about the polish: it dried darker than it looks in the bottle and than it applied. I don't like that. I actually think I would've liked it better if it was the color in the bottle. I found myself a bit disappointed when it dried. But why be bummed when it's only half a shade's difference. It's still a very nice polish!

Billie says hello from behind the curtain! Hi Billie!

Can you tell I've had coffee too late in the evening to be able to sleep? Tomorrow is going to be a tough one.

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