Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short and Sassy!

Short and sassy would describe me. Except I'm not really sassy. I'm French. Anyway, presenting Short and Sassy!

I must say, I absolutely love this color. The polish dried fast, barely chipped in three days (again, quite the accomplishment for me) and goes with everything. I've never been a big fan of China Glaze because I don't often find their colors wearable (for me). This, however, is making me change my mind.

I kinda just wish my skintone was darker to match it. Or that I was tanned. But no skin cancer for me. Can you believe the oiled barbies you still see on the beaches?! What? People are stupid. Enjoy your skin cancer. Same goes with cigarettes - but that takes me on another tangent. I have plenty of bad habits so I'm not really one to talk anyway!

It's been really warm here lately. Hopefully the weather cools off. Or at least we could get some awesome thundershowers please?