Friday, June 3, 2011

Polish spam, again!

Here are more polishes for your swatching pleasures.

Essie Coat Azure - It's everywhere, I know, but it really is that pretty. It's very soft and feminine for a blue color and the shimmer is very subtle and pretty. I really like this polish. The formula was ONE COAT. This is a HUGE advantage for me because I hate waiting for polish to dry.

Essie Guilty Pleasures - This is a sheer soft pink jelly. It wears very well. I had this on for three days and it still looked good. I think this is two coats but I could've used a third one to be honest. It is much brighter in real life than in my pictures. It was quite hard to photograph. Regardless, this is a very nice polish that I know I'll wear again. Office appropriate as well.

 Errrm, yes, dry cuticles galore. I'm still waiting/searching for my miracle cream.

And this beauty is Zoya's Edyta. WOAH, right?! It's so pretty and different and unique. I love that it's vampy but not the regular dark red way. It's a gunmetal color but it leans towards green. Very odd. This is my first time trying Zoya (thanks small town in Canada for carrying nothing) so I got this polish off Ebay. 

OH AND GOOD NEWS. I tracked down the Borghese polish I missed out on on Ebay! WOOT! Hopefully the Canada Post strike won't affect its arrival too much.

I'm in a good mood today! Off to get pizza with my hunnies!

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