Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A new fave in a much needed time...

This saved my week. So far. Because boy, am I having a rotten week. And it's only Tuesday.

Saturday was so horrid. I started some kind of weird flu/sinus infection and was bed ridden with fever all weekend, including a beautiful, sunny and warm Saturday. I'm still stuffed. I cannot wait for this cold to be over.

BUT, on Friday, I picked up a beautiful polish which helped the beginning of my week.

It's called Buon Viaggio Mauve by Borghese. Borghese is quickly climbing up the ranks as one of my favorite brands (after Essie). Just lookatit!

It's a perfect soft, muted mauve, with grayish tones in it. Seriously, one of my fave polishes. It's opaque in two coats (even if it doesn't look like it in the pictures), wears well, and is office appropriate. I even got compliments on it at work!

The smell of polish really doesn't help a sinus infection/whatever it is I have. Totally stings the nostrils. Wouldn't recommend it.

Didn't keep me from changing polish again tonight to the following:

Essie Foot Loose

It's okay, you can sing it.

It's a pretty sort of berry color. I'm not sure I like it. It doesn't strike me as different or original. It's pretty much opaque in one coat though, which I like a lot. It's pretty, and very much my type of color but I'm still meh about it. Maybe tomorrow it'll be more appealing.

Right now, the sleep monster is taking me away. I cannot wait for another day of work full of laboured breathing and coughing. UGH! Please go away sickness!

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