Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Me on the Star Ferry?

What's a Star Ferry anyway? Kind of reminds me of Star Trek or something. Which is okay by me.

Can you tell which camera is better? I took pictures with two cameras to see which one would make nail polish look better.

The first one is better. It's my boy's Canon T2i. It's quite a great camera but not a point and shoot which makes it hard to take pictures of my own hand with. The color is more true to life in the two last pictures by the way. Didn't have time to adjust the T2i as I was on my lunch break. The dedication!

I love the shimmer in this OPI polish. However, purple isn't really my thing. I always pick up purple polishes thinking I might like this one, and maybe I should give it a chance. But yeah, I think they just don't suit me or my personality. The shimmer is stunning in it. As my boyfriend describes it "it's purple but it's also pink". He's quite right - it's a very nice duochrome. I suggest it for anyone who would like this type of color. It also wears really well. I had it on three days without tipwear. 

Also HAUL:

I'll be posting swatches of these Borghese lovelies soon. They don't have names though! I know a couple of them. We'll improvise, it's okay. 

I've been really really sick all weekend with the flu and Billie was a good nurse. She slept on my bed and made no noise all day. Thanks Billie!

I've got OTHER Borghese to review too. Colors I picked up at Shoppers and I LOVE them. 

Until next time! 

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