Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Light My Sapphire!

Today has been quite a nice day. The weather was nice, work was nice, evening was nice. All nice and calm. Love days like that.

This is a FLAT OUT stunning polish by OPI. If you're into dark nails, this is for you. It's multidimensional whilst still being so dark it's almost black. That's what I love most about it - it appears black and gothy but it's really navy - and kind of romantic. I guess it's not a color I consider vampy - that would have to be in the red tones. Light My Sapphire wears well too - I have one coat of Sally Hansen's Mega Shine on as I am testing it out.

Tip wear after one day of massive cleaning, lots of hand washing, and cuticle picking. I'm really rough on my hands. It may appear like a week's worth of tip wear in the picture, but trust me, this is actually really good. Hence why I change my polish a lot.

In other news, Billie found a new/old toy of hers under the dresser. I had it in my hand and was rattling it around when I took this picture:

She was trying to climb my dresser. Oh that cat of mine. Daily little joys, I tell ya.

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