Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday: My Simons Experience

Fashion Friday has sort of taken a back seat since the start of Bold Subtlety, but today, I'm bringing it back to talk to you a bit about Simons.

A couple weeks ago, I visited Quebec City and found myself in my cousin's absolute favorite store, Simons. When I walked into the store at the Place Laurier shopping center, I found myself in a bit of a shock. I had visited this Simons location before, but it had renovated since the last time I was there, and it was now ridiculously big and beautiful. So big in fact, that my shopping buddies and I had to keep checking with each other to make sure we had covered all the sections. There was even a section entirely for leggings - no joke!

If you're not near a Simons, much like me, they have also have selection of clothing on their website, which includes the legging section I saw in the store. They have a variety of colors and styles and textures available. You're not into flashy leggings? Luckily, the good old basic leggings (in different colors too!) are available. I'm particularly taken with the Jersey Ankle Jeggings (which would look adorable with a flowy white blouse & jean jacket!) and the Galaxy Print black/white leggings. If you're a bit more adventurous with your clothing, the Galaxy Print in Green pictured above are gorgeous and unique. Really, there's something for every taste in there!

We spent a long time in there and had a blast. I can honestly say it was a great shopping experience. I'm looking forward to maintaining my shopping relationship with Simons through their online store - or until my next visit to Quebec City!


  1. We just got a Simons in Edmonton. I love it!

  2. I went to Simons years and years ago when I was in Quebec City and loved it. I'm always looking at their website but have yet to order anything. Even though Toronto has a lot of choice we don't have many Canadian stores which is a shame.