Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night Pamper

This has just been one of those weeks. And I'm exhausted. So I thought a Friday night pamper was well in order to give this weekend a fresh start.

My Friday usually consists of work, cleaning the apartment after work, and then some kind of movie date with the boy. But since he's out of town until later tonight, I thought it would be the perfect time for a face mask, a long bath & full body moisturization, and some nail painting. All done at the same time as watching Mad Men, of course, which may or may not send me into frustration mode (anyone else hate Don right now!?) once again. Here's a peek at the products I will use tonight:

I'm starting with the Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Mask. I love this mask when my skin is feeling in rough shape because not only does it combat acne, it also has little beads that give you great exfoliation. I wouldn't suggest using it more than once every couple of weeks because it's quite strong and a bit drying. To keep my lips soft and dead-skin free, I'll use my LUSH Mint Julips. After this, I'll be applying one of my favorite face products as of late, my trusty Hydraluron Serum. I use this to plump up my face when it is in need of moisture. Then I'll be using a little sample of the NUDE Treatment Oil I received with a Zuneta order. I don't use this often because I have oily skin, but when I feel the need for moisture, this is the best product I've ever used. After a hot bath accented by the scent of my Bath & Body Works Lemon Mint Leaf candle, I'll moisturize my arms with the Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla moisturizer (purely because I love the scent), and use my Nuxe Body Oil on my legs since I am prone to ingrown hairs. And finally, I'll be applying the new Clinique Nail Enamel in Sweet Tooth* to my tips after having pushed back my cuticles.

And those are my plans for my much needed pamper Friday! What day of the week do you pamper? What are your favorite products for some serious pampering?

* press sample - review coming soon


  1. Oooh I've heard so many good things about Hydraluron--I want I want I want!! :P I recently started playing with hydrating serums (well, one to be exact--Caudalie's SOS serum) and so far, I'm loving the results! I always knew oily skin needed hydration too but for some reason I always thought that a hydrating SERUM would be waay to much for my skin to handle. It's just right though--really balances and draws back in the moisture that all my acne treatments/exfoliants can suck out.

    As for favorite pampering products, there are SO many! :P I'll just go with the SOS serum, Hourglass N28 Lip Treatment oil, Dior Abricot Cream for ragged cuticles, Nude ProGenius (I use this for the backs of my hands because if I use it too often on my face, I break out), Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea mask, Lush Dream Cream, and Leonor Greyl Huile de Palm for conditioning my hair and soothing ends :)

  2. I love Mint Julips! It smells so good, reminds me of the sweets called Poppits, yum! I really want to try the Hydraluron x

  3. I have a sample of that Nude oil too and have yet to try it; glad to hear it's nice :)

  4. Hey Annick, so sorry to hear your week was rough! I hope things are better after the pampering session now though!

    I've heard so many great things about Hydralyron that I'm really intrigued! My go-to hydrating serum is the Caudalie one. I got my bestie hooked as well and she's on her second bottle now! I'd totally love to try something from Nude. I'm big on dry oil so this one is definitely calling my name :)

  5. This looks like the perfect Friday!!


  6. I usually pamper myself on Sunday. That Nuxe oil sounds lovely! I´m loving the Caudalie one at the moment!

    New follower here! :)


  7. I haven't had a pampering night in so long! I need to hit up Ulta and get some stuff and plan a pampering party!


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  8. I definitely do my pampering on Sunday nights, but it's often not a nice ritual like you've got going here! I just saw the Hyaluron this past weekend in Shoppers so I'll have to give it another look, sounds great! I hope your pampering was just the thing you needed Annick :)

  9. I'd love to try the hydraluron . Looks fab!!

  10. I do my pampering on Fridays when normal people are out and about =P! I find it really hard to go out on Friday, after a long work day. Love love love the Nuxe and Nude oils but I've recently been testing out the NARS Monoi oil! Not sure what I think of it yet, I'll let you know!

  11. LOVE that vichy mask!!!! Works wonders!!!!!!