Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guerlain Les Fumes Ecrin 4 Couleurs - Review & Swatches!

Ahhh Guerlain. The very definition of luxe makeup. Posh packaging? Check. Extremely high price point? Check. Amazing quality? Errrm... check? The question behind a higher end makeup item is often whether is it worth the price. Some of my favorite makeup items are lower end brands, but excellent in quality (such as Sleek palettes, or Essence nail polishes). And unfortunately, some higher end items just don't deliver - MAC is known for being hit or miss in terms of quality and some of my NARS products haven't impressed me too much. Where does Guerlain sit?

Guerlain always delivers in terms of packaging. The gold case is sturdy and doesn't scratch easily.

Swatches in the shade. Order below:

Swatches starting from left, the the top middle shade, followed by middle bottom shade, then finally the right shade (which didn't I just swatch them clockwise?)

The beauty in the shade.

And in the sun, glorious.

This palette is, no doubt about it, absolutely gorgeous. The shade are quite smooth, except for to shade to the left. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but that shade was very hard for me to blend. Plus, it didn't have much pigmentation. However, I found it great for blending out the bottom shade which I use in the outer corner! My favorite of the palette is the top middle shade - it's a gorgeous warm rosy brown which is perfect for warming up the crease of a smokey eye. The wonderful thing about this palette is that it has literally all you need for a smokey eye. All that's left to use is eyeliner! However, that said, I'm sure there are cheaper options out there. All the shades except maybe the shade to the right are dupeable.

For fun, here's a shot from my other blog (Bold Subtlety) wearing the palette on my eyes. It really made my eyes pop - I'm willing to bet it's because of that wonderful warm shade too!

Hope the review was helpful! I highly suggest you swatch this product in store before purchasing! Some might find the slightly drier texture easier to work with - others might want to stick to creamier shadows. Either way, this palette is excellent to create that perfect smokey eye, and the mix of colors helps to make it a little to no effort job!

My apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog lately! A few days of vacation and my brain has turned to mush! I have a few posts brewing a the moment so stay tuned! 


  1. Gotta love an all-in-one smokey eye palette! I still haven't got my hands on one yet, so this is one I'll keep in mind, although I'd probably try and recreate it with some MAC shadows instead. The colors are quite gorgeous though, and in the last photo of the palette the shade to the right reminds me a lot of MAC's Retrospeck. It really does look beautiful on! xx

  2. Love the contrast with your blue eyes! This is one of my favorite palettes, too. Actually, the only one of my Guerlain palettes that ended up keeping.

  3. Thanks so much for the review! You've inspired me to test out their eye colors.


  4. great review, love how you applied it!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. You look lovely with a hat on. And that hair! Gorgeous :-) Oh, the palette too, of course.

  6. You look amazing!
    Love your makeup!

  7. I am getting this exact quad when I have enough Shoppers optimum points - I love the shades! But I have heard about the pigmentation and so I'd rather not spend actual money on it, just in case :P The look you did really sells me on it too, great job Annick!