Sunday, December 2, 2012

LUSH soaps! Mr. Punch, Snow Globe and Snowcake review!

If there's something that puts me in the holiday spirit, it's holiday scents. Candles, the smell of cookies baking, the smell of Christmas trees, the smell of my parent's house when turkey is in the oven. My memory is very much scent oriented - I associate the Fructis shampoo scent with Harry Potter (I read the books while using this shampoo!). So when I was offered to review some Christmas soaps from LUSH*, I jumped a the chance - who knows, maybe I was going to find THE Christmas soap of the year? Maybe by using them around Christmas time, they'll remind of of Christmas year round?

I brought these soaps along for a weekend trip with my mom, and since she had forgotten to bring any kind of soap or body wash (oh mom!), I thought it the perfect opportunity to ask for a second opinion on these products to see what she thought of them. She's quite a fan of LUSH so I didn't have to ask too hard.

My mom immediately gravitated towards the Mr. Punch soap. She loved the fruity but clean smell. The smell isn't too sweet either, which she loved. She was however, a bit disappointed with the fact that it doesn't lather up as much as she would have liked. She loves the smell of it very much though! So do I, but I find the slight smell of booze a bit surprising - it's great, but I wouldn't use it on hangover morn. 

From left to right we've got Mr. Punch, Snow Globe and Snowcake soaps.

I, on the other hand, LOVED the Snow Globe soap. The lemony, earthy smell was exactly what I want in a soap. I love getting out of the shower and smelling "fresh" if that make sense. Snow Globe is perfect for that. It lathered really well (other soaps I've tried such as the Demon in the Dark lathered much less) and left my skin squeaky clean, but not dry.

I also tried the Snowcake soap and while it's not a smell I would gravitate towards, I actually quite liked the scent on me. It smells to me, just as LUSH describes, like creamy almonds. They also say it smells like marzipan, but I have no idea what marzipan smells like. The soap was very moisturizing (more than Snow Globe in my opinion) and the scent lingered on my skin for a while. This was the biggest surprise to me - I really expected to not like it.

Also, just to add to this soap fiesta, I recently tried the Karma soap in sample form and guys, it was so good. I understand it's not a scent for everyone, but goodness, I thought it was AMAZING. It smells of oranges and patchouli. The boy said I smelled like a hippy, but I ain't care! It's definitely something I will purchase in the future.

So all in all, my Christmas soap? I think Snow Globe is definitely a winner. You can't beat LUSH's signature earthy scent - I absolutely love it. If you're into fresh scents, I think you would definitely like it. If you like softer, milder scents, Snowcake is for you - it's very lovely and gives a good lather even if it's moisturizing. Mr. Punch's scent, in my opinion, for everyone.Who doesn't like the smell of fresh punch?

Have you gotten LUSH goodies for Christmas gifts? I've gotten (SHHHH!) some things for some unnamed family members, who hopefully, will not be reading this last sentence.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

* I have received these products for consideration but my opinions are always my own. I am not being compensated for this review and I always strive to review products with honesty.


  1. LUSH goodies! You can never go wrong with them! ♥
    They have the loveliest scents!

    New follower here!

  2. i have snowglobe too and i love the smell! i think my boyfriend would love snowcake! :)

    1. My boy would prefer snowcake too I think! But mmm, I love my snowglobe so much!

  3. Snowcake and Snowglobe are amazing! Love them :)

  4. I'm a huge fan of marzipan - although I can't exactly describe how it seems - so Snowcake sounds amazing to me! I may just have to take a trip to Lush to pick up a bar :)

    1. I couldn't tell you if it actually smells like Marzipan, but it smells GOOD that's for sure! Make sure to stock up if you like it since it's limited edition! :)

      Thanks for the comment Cee! :)