Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally! Le Métier de Beauté Corinthian - review and swatches!

This purchase has been a long time coming. Not before I realized Zuneta shipped internationally did I realize that this purchase was actually possible!

I first heard of this eyeshadow from Sandra over at 15 steps, then a beauty blog who has raved repeatedly about it. Being quite a fan of taupes, I knew this had to be mine... eventually!

Corinthian is a gorgeous shimmery taupey/lavender eyeshadow. The formula is one of the best I've encountered - it is not stiff, but smooth and blends so easily on the lid. This is the kind of shadow that looks great on its own - you just need to blend it in the crease, and the shimmer of the shadow makes it seems as though you have a different colored shadow in there (much like the effect of MAC's Woodwinked). I love these easy to wear shadows, especially when you're always in a rush to get out the door in the morning. I have a chronic case of the sleeping-in-too-late.

The packaging is simple and neat. It has a rubberized texture much like NARS packaging.

The shadow is huge in there (0.13oz, comparitively to 0.05oz from MAC)! Makes the price sting a little less ($30 for lMdB as opposed to $18 for a MAC shadow). It also comes with a mirror.

Here, I've applied it on my eyelids, blended into my crease, with mascara and light black liner.

Swatched on my hand.

Swatched: Le Métier de Beauté Corinthian on the left, and MAC's Satin Taupe on the right.

As you can see, Satin Taupe is browner, and a tad less shimmery. I also find Corinthian pulls a lot more mauve on my skin tone than Satin Taupe. 

If you're a fan of taupes, this something that you need. The price might be a bit higher, but I think the buttery formula more than makes up for it. There's just something so easy about wearing taupe - most of the ones I own look magically beautiful on their own. Corinthian falls in that category which is why I see myself reaching for this for a long time in my day to day routine.

My beauty radar is now on Jojo and Bordeaux from the Le Métier de Beauté's eyeshadow range. Do you own any of their shadows? Do think you think the price is worth it?


  1. I just found a bunch of these at winners! I managed to snag Bordeaux and it's BEAUTIFUL. I'm after Jojo, Corinthian and Spicy. And Milan. I took a closeup of them on my blog, but swatches should be up soon!

    1. OMG you're KIDDING. I am going to Winners ASAP. I'll keep an eye out for swatches! How much were they are winners?

  2. Such a gorgeous colour! I love shimmer in eyeshadow :)

    xoxo Alison

    1. I like shimmer too! I do a matte eye once in a while, but I get bored of it very quickly!

  3. I have Jojo and Mia as singles and for me Jojo lack pigmentations compare to other LMdB eyeshadows. I have 8-9 Kaleidoscope (Splendid Frost, Penelope, Crochet, Silk Road, Northern lights, Pont de Chauvet, Nouvelle Vague, On the Coast, and I just order Bauhaus i'm waiting for it any day now!) at 95$ plus shipping and handling it becomes an expensive collection but I just love the concept.

    1. Good to know about Jojo! It was the next one on my list. I love the concept of Kaleidoscope too but the price tag is so high! Some day maybe ;)