Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Coquette Nail Find!

I'm not really familiar with the Jessica brand of nail polish. I found this color called Coquette at my local Winners on sale and though, meh why not? even if I wasn't that interested in the color.

I actually really like the color! It's a sandy-gray ish color with flecks of purple. It's quite different in my opinion - the only thing that is similar in style if maybe OPI's It's Totally Fort Worth It. Maybe. And then again, I don't have it to compare. And I'm pretty sure the OPI version doesn't have the purple mini-glitter. And that's it's gray-er. You can see the micro purple in the bottle:

This is two coats. I could have used another one but I always paint my nails really late at night - so late that I just really want to get the hells to bed. Hence why I also almost always use Seche Vite. 

I have to leave for a baby shower. Kill me now. I love my friend, I love babies and all that jazz (within reason), but 3 hours of baby games, baby gifts and baby decorations will be the end of me.

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