Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music Hall Curtain Call


Indeed, gasp. This is really pretty. Really really pretty. Look at the duochrome! It's OPI's Music Hall Curtain Call. I don't know what collection it's from but it's stunning. I randomly found it at a drug store. It was hidden behind a row of Brisbane Bronze. I'm lucky to have found it!

The formula was excellent. It only required two coats and dried very quickly. My boyfriend said he didn't know if it was red or orange - that comment kind of made me happy. I love when polish walks that fine line with or without duochrome.

Just loooooook:

On the other hand, my cuticles have been an absolute wreck since I've decided to change polish every day. I can moisturize my hands all day, nothing seems to help. And I hate the greasy hands feeling. Yuck + heeeelp!

Billie had a poop accident today. Had to clean it off her bum during lunch hour. Twasn't too appetizing.

Billie picture of the day:

I don't think she "gets" fire. The picture kind of speaks for itself though.


  1. I love the picture of your cat looking at the candle! So adorable. That polish looks fantastic, I have to google that and see what collection it's from and why I never saw it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! My little Billie is a cat wonder. She makes me laugh so much.

    I think it's from the Kick Up Your Heel holiday collection from 2006. Tis what I hear!

    Thanks for the comment!!

  3. That cat picture is soooo cute! Your kitty looks very similar to my kitty too. I spy a Maine Coon there! :) Pretty nail polish color too.