Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm in love with a polish

Yes, I am in love with a polish. A beautiful vampy sexy nail polish by Orly called Naughty. This is my first try with this brand actually and I'm smitten. It is a gorgeous deep deep red - so deep that I originally though it was brown. It dries (quickly!) to a glossy finish and it completely opaque in two coats.

Just look at the shine!

My only small little complaint about this polish is the tiny brush. I'm not used to them but it honestly didn't give me much problems because the formula was excellent. Still though, I'd like to test that brush out with another Orly color see if it's decent.


  1. i love how it looks like jello (:

  2. I never thought of Jello but you're right! It looks very jelly like!

    Thanks for the comment. <3