Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Body Shop Lipsticks: Color Crush #205 and Color Crush Shine #15

I have more than enough lipsticks to last me a lifetime, but when I walked by The Body Shop the other day and they were having a sale, something clicked in my mind. I remembered hearing Estee from EssieButton talking about how much she loves the Body Shop lipsticks, and I just knew I had to try them. I opted for two different formulas - the Color Crush in #205, and the Color Crush Shine in #15.

Since the two lipsticks are different formulas, they are both very different in texture. As the name suggests, the Color Crush Shine has a glossy finish, and is quite sheer. The Color Crush, however, is very pigmented. Both feel very light on the lips, and are moisturizing. They both wear off beautifully, with no flakiness or dryness. For a sheer lipstick, the Color Crush Shine actually wear pretty well, and leaves behind quite a lot of color after it wears off. When I wore the Color Crush lipstick to work, the pigmentation lasted up until lunch, and also left a stain behind. They both wear quite well!

Because the Color Crush in #205 is very pigmented, and I don't always want a bold lips, I've used this lipstick by lightly dabbing it on my lips and working the color in with my fingers. I add a bit of balm and voila! It such a lovely fresh color, even when applied with a light touch!

Body Shop Color Crush Shine #15 on left, Body Shop Color Crush #205 on right

Swatched on my hand.

Both lipsticks do not have much of a scent. There's a faint plastic to them but it's not noticeable, especially not after application.

I highly recommend both of these. While the Color Crush #205 shade isn't particularly unique, and could probably be duped at the drugstore, I doubt you could find anything that is quite as moisturizing. I definitely do not have anything in my collection that is comparable to the Color Crush Shine in #15, even if it's also not the most unique shade. The color is beautiful, and I love the non-sticky glossy feeling. Like the Color Crush lipstick, the Color Crush Shine is probably easily matched in the drugstore, but I doubt the moisturizing properties could be matched. And wouldn't you rather have something that has no scent instead of the sickly sweet scented drugstore lipsticks? I know I do!

Has anyone else given these a try? Any suggestions towards my next Body Shop shade?


  1. holy guacamole I might die if I don't get my hands on #205!!!! GORGEOUS!

  2. Oh, I definitely need that #205! Good to know it lasts pretty well too!
    Looks beautiful on you :)

    Marianna |

  3. Colour Crush looks absolutely gorgeous together, I definitely have to give it a go!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  4. Both are such pretty shades of pink.

  5. i love the lip colour.